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Spring News: Free Article on Wild Leeks, New Farm Video, and Upcoming Classes

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MARCH 2017 (yes, we know it’s April!)


We are a little late getting the news out this month due to a busy maple sugaring season. Thanks for your patience and there will be another update later in April in addition to this one.

This month, we offer another FREE article download about Wild Leeks, or Ramps; which many love to forage from the woods. Enjoy this spring treat but harvest with care!

Also excited to share our new FARM VIDEO now live on the homepage of the website and on our YouTube channel. The video is under 5 minutes and gives a brief overview of our farm and school, with some great shots from former apprentice Costa.

We encourage you to immerse yourself in one of our summer programs, which get you out into the woods and give you skills to better steward the forested lands around you. This month we feature the Farming the Forest 3- day workshop in June, which we are running with Edible Acres owner and plant guru Sean Dembrosky. Read on and consider joining us this summer! Sign up by May 1 and get 10% off tuition by using the code: ENEWSMARCH

Also in June, Steve will teach a weekend workshop called “Gifts from the Forest” at the OMEGA Institute June 9 - 11 in Rhinebeck, NY. Read more about that course here:

For the trees,

Steve & Elizabeth

In the Woods


Wild Leeks Welcome Us to Spring, but Need Careful Harvesting

“Anyone who has come across the ramp, or Wild Leek, Allium tricoccum, likely cannot help but feel a sense of abundance; these amazing plants often show up in clusters that can range from a few square feet to a solid quarter acre or more of green. It’s a welcome gift of the forest in this time of year, as the forest wakes up from a long winter’s nap.”


On the Farm

We have a new video about our farm!

Our deep thanks to former apprentice and talented filmmaker Costa Boustikaris for making this.

 Costa is currently traveling around the world documenting forest cultures in a series of short videos called “Woodlanders” which you can view here:

Upcoming Events

See all our programs at:

Farming the Forest
3 day Short Course - JUNE 23 - 25
with Sean Dembrosky and Steve Gabriel

Discover the possibilities of growing a range of food and medicine in marginal woodlands, hedgerows, and wet places. Explore growing edible mushrooms, elderberry, perennial vegetables, berries, and nuts in temperate woodlands on both a homestead and farm scale.

This course is facilitated by Steve Gabriel of Wellspring Forest Farm, along with Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres. Both have over a decade experience in managing productive small scale agroforestry systems and share their land projects with participants as a living classroom.

Topics covered include:

    •    nursery techniques
    •    low-tech tree propagation
    •    mushroom cultivation
    •    biochar production
    •    integrating animals in the woods

This course is designed for woodland owners, famers, extension professionals, permaculturists, and homesteaders who want to gain a better understanding of the intricacies of forest management and build their skills in the management of productive woodlands.

$300 includes lunch each day
$50 to camp onsite, 

or book our spacious yurt on the farm

SIGN UP BY MAY 1 and get 10% off!


Gifts From the Forest
Growing Food & Medicine While Tending the Woods
June 09, 2017 – June 11, 2017
Rhinebeck, NY

Take a stroll through the woods and you may find berries for your smoothie,

mushrooms for your stir fry, syrup for your pancakes, and bark for a medicinal tea—all in your own backyard.

Walking the aisles of nature’s supermarket isn’t as easy as going to the grocery store, but you can learn how to harvest and grow a range of trees, plants, and mushrooms right outside your door to supplement your diet and support your health.

Guided by Steve Gabriel, coauthor of Farming the Woods, we learn to observe the forest to find natural patterns to replicate in our own farms, gardens, or yards. We explore the trees, plants, and mushrooms that support human health and the health of the woods. We learn proper planting techniques and how to inoculate logs with shiitake mushrooms.

As we connect more deeply with the place we call home, we regenerate the forest ecosystem of which we’re all a part.

Learn more and register:


Quote of the Month:

“Eat leeks in March and wild garlic in May

And all year after physicians may play.”


- Old Welsh Rhyme


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Wellspring Forest Farm & School

leaving forests in our footsteps

Steve & Elizabeth Gabriel

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