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February News from the Woods: Article on Maple Sap, Announcing 2017 Programs

February 2017

Greetings and Happy February, the SAP IS FLOWING!

This month we offer another FREE article encouraging you to tap even just a few trees, and embark on a journey humans have participated in for thousands of years; drinking tree sap as a nutritious, delicious, and refreshing way to welcome spring.

Also this month, we are excited to announce our 2017 lineup of workshops and events! You can visit the farm during maple weekend, take an online forestry foundations course, or plan a summer trip to the beautiful Finger Lakes region to attend one of our courses on farming the forest, knife and tool sharpening, and more.

We also highlight the amazing work of a previous farm apprentice, Costa Boutsikaris, who has come out with a new series of short films as part of his “Woodlanders” project. You can view these videos for FREE and consider helping support their production.

And finally, we are now taking applications for our Summer Agroforestry Apprentice Training Program, which happens from June – October. Each summer a small group experiences hands-on learning and build their farm and forestry skills, all while participating in our day-to-day activities and attending all of the workshops we offer.


For the trees,
Steve & Elizabeth

In the Woods

NEW ARTICLE: Tapping for Sap

Tree saps have long been viewed as a spring tonic by many cultures around the globe. They are loaded with minerals, nutrients, enzymes, antioxidants, phenolic compounds, and more.

Sap can be drank straight from the tree of course, but can also be used to make a wonderful carbonated beverage with a home soda-maker.

Simply replace the water with sap, adding as much or as little carbonation as you'd like. It can also be utilized for cooking in soup, stews, and other recipes that call for water. It also makes a wonderful base for brewing beers and coffee beverages.


On the Farm

Come visit us! We will be open for the New York State Maple Producer’s Association during the annual event celebrating the state’s maple farms:

MAPLE WEEKEND – March 18 & 19

Join us for tours of the farm and sugarshack, taste sap and syrup, and take home our special maple flight!

Saturday features tours at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 1:30pm, and 2:30pm, live music, a local farm and craft market, and delicious wood-fired pizzas from our friends at The Rusty Oven.

Sunday is open for casual visitors to the sugarshack and will feature an Introduction to Log-Grown Shiitake class from 11am - 1pm. For $40 per person, learn how to make your own mushroom logs, and take one home

Announcing our 2017 Workshops!

In offering educational opportunities, we aim to build students knowledge and relationship to the forested landscape, empowering them with skills and tools so they can become better stewards of woodlands and trees.

We are blessed to have an incredible lineup of guest teachers joining us for the following hikes and workshops:

 The Forest Talks , A series of Guided Hikes
1st Wednesdays from May through October 5:00 - 8:00pm

Farming the Forest , 3 day Short Course
JUNE 23 – 25 with Sean Dembrosky of Edible Acres and Steve Gabriel

Knife and Tool Sharpening Skills Weekend Workshop
July 8 & 9 with Wolf Eric Bravo

Forest Ecology & Management, 3 day Short Course
August 19 – 20 with Mike Demunn (Da’ Ha’ da’ nyah) and Steve Gabriel

Fungi Cultivation & Foraging , 3-day Short Course
September 22 – 24 with Olga Tzogas and Steve Gabriel

Each of our short courses includes access to our online course, which can also be taken as a stand alone experience from anywhere in the world:

Foundations of Forest Stewardship Online Course
Course is available beginning May 1, 2017


Resource Spotlight: “Woodlanders” Video Series

WOODLANDERS is a new online film series that seeks to document the work of people who care for and depend on forests for their livelihood and well-being throughout the world. The films are created by former farm apprentice Costa Boutsikaris, who is a remarkable filmmaker.

The first episode features forester Mike DeMunn, who is a close friend and leads many of our hikes and our short course:

The second film features our amazing basket maker friend and neighbor, Jamin Uticone, who creates "baskets of time":

Check out these amazing shorts (under 20 minutes) and consider supporting this great project through a subscription. Costa tells us he plans on traveling to England to document woodland practices if he can reach his fundraising goal.

Quote of the Month:


I have never seen a reason why every farmer should not have a  sugar orchard, as well as an apple orchard. “

-- Thomas Jefferson


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