Monday, October 3, 2016

Purchase our Pastured Lamb and Support Local Food and Regenerative Farming


Wellspring Forest Farm & School, in Mecklenburg, NY is selling pastured lamb & mutton, by the half or whole. Your purchase supports regenerative, local farming and provides you and your family with healthy meat for the table.

We are taking orders now on first come, first serve basis. Meat will be ready and available for pick-up at the end of October and again in early December. 

Our Katahdin sheep produce flavorful and tender meat and live an idyllic life, grazing always on pasture and in the woods.  We rotationally graze, moving the flock from paddock to paddock every few days. Regularly moving the sheep builds soil, sequesters carbon, and promotes native vegetation, while also supporting healthy and strong animals. 

Our farm philosophy is not to raise sheep just for meat, but rather to raise happy animals that get to live life as their biology desires, supporting the rebuilding of a healthy farm landscape. The meat we sell allows us to manage this system, and is a byproduct of good farming practices.


Lamb: $6.75/lb hanging weight, which averages around 40 - 50 lbs per lamb. Half a lamb will cost about of $135 - $170 and a whole $270 - $350.

Mutton: $6.00/lb handing weight, which averages 50 – 60 lbs per ewe. The meat is still tender and richer in flavor. Half a lamb will cost about of $150 - $180 and a whole $300 - $360.

With lamb, you can choose your cuts with your order. We send you a cut sheet to fill out once we have your deposit and your order is confirmed. If you want a half lamb and are particular about your cuts, we suggest finding a friend to purchase with so you can order a whole together, choose cuts and split it between yourselves – with most cuts, there are two of each.  Otherwise, we select typical cut choices or divvy up half-orders for each order. 

With mutton, our personal preference is to have it mostly processed into ground or cubes for stews, burgers and similar, but happy to follow any requests.  Your order includes a variety of cuts for the freezer, excellent for cooking roasts or stews. We provide recipes and ideas for preparing the various cuts with your order.

ORDERING: Email or call Elizabeth at 607.793.3383 

Please tell us: 
phone & email
half or whole order
lamb or mutton
pick-up location (Ithaca or on farm, in Mecklenburg).  
preferred date (late OCT or early DEC)

 Meat will be delivered packaged and frozen.

Once we have your order, we’ll ask you to mail a $75 deposit.  When ordering, you can request a smaller or larger lamb and we will do our best to meet requests.

Wellspring Forest Farm & School, owned by Steve and Elizabeth Gabriel, is a regenerative farm enterprise that seeks to improve the health of the land while producing food and medicine. In addition to lamb, we produce mushrooms, maple syrup, duck eggs, and elderberry extract. We teach people about forest stewardship and cultivation of forest products through educational hikes, workshops, and apprentice programs.

Learn more about our work at


Wanting to Start or Expand a flock of your own?
Wellspring Forest Farm & School, in Mecklenburg, NY has a limited number of live ewes and lambs for sale, perfect for starting or adding to a homestead or farm flock.

Our Katahdin flock is one-four years old and only has grazed on pasture and tree fodder. They live on pasture year round, eating locally grown hay when pasture is covered by snow. We have kept good records and monitored sheep health, selecting lines for parasite resistance, good mothering, body conditioning and temperament. The Katahdin breed, a hair sheep, known for being calm, hardy, and resistant to common sheep diseases. Read more about the breed:

We sell live lambs June – December and ewes anytime. We breed in November and also can sell you pregnant ewes in December, for spring lambing.

If interested, email mail or call Steve at 607.342.2825 with any questions and to come meet the flock.