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AUGUST NEWS: Medicinal Mushrooms, Fungi Course & Permaculture Tours

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August 2016

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Welcome to the August news from Wellspring Forest Farm and School. Each month, we share useful information about methods for improving forest health and increasing productivity and diversity, along with the happenings of our farm and educational programs

This month – lots on the mushroom front! We’ve released a free article on medicinal mushrooms, and are still taking registrations for our Fungi Cultivation & Foraging Short Course (September 16 – 18) and also an exciting regional fungi convergence coming to New York in October.

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For the trees,
Steve & Elizabeth

In the Woods

More and more, people are curious about the medicinal properties of mushrooms. We’ve learned a lot over the past year as we dealt with a cancer diagnosis and wanted to share our findings with the greater world:

“The medical “supplement” world, reserved in the US at least for all those treatments and products without verification from the medical establishments, is full of stories from vendors trying to sell you a product. Each has a special process, f ormula, and belief system that led to their product. Unfortunately, much of it is convoluted sales talk, and it’s hard for the consumer to know what is truth”

Download the full article at our “Media” page

On the Farm

THIS WEEKEND: We are one of the stops for the Finger Lakes Permaculture Site Tours and Convergence. Steve will also be speaking about mushroom cuultivation on Sunday.

Friday includes a showing of the film INHABIT, which our farm appears in. On Saturday there are over 20 sites open for tours. And Sunday there will be presentations, a plant sale, and more at the Schuyler County Cooperative Extension.

See the schedule and learn more at:

Upcoming Events

Our fungi course is now just three days and $300! Join us to learn about how you can cultivate and partner with mushrooms for food, medicene, and ecological health on your landscape:

Fungi Cultivation & Foraging Short Course
September 16 – 18
Mecklenburg, NY

Explore the wondrous world of fungi and learn how to grow and forage mushrooms with Farming the Woods co-author Steve Gabriel and special guest Olga Trozgos from Smugtown Mushrooms.

During this 3-day course participants will identify wild mushrooms and learn tree ID and forest ecology, inoculate logs, straw, and grain, learn low-tech propagation techniques, build a stormwater biofilter, make medicine and, of course, cook and eat mushrooms.

Overall, the class seeks to engage participants with the fungal world and through an understanding of it see the positive potential in continued learning and engagement. Each of these practices is framed in the context of eastern forest ecology and ultimately as our role to steward the health of the forested landscape.


Radical Mycology Convergence comes to New York

On October 6-10, 2016, the 4th Radical Mycology Convergence (RMC) will commence on a land trust in Wingdale to teach participants how mycology (the science of fungi) can address various social and environmental issues.

A donation-based, volunteer-run gathering, the RMC is unlike any other mushroom-based event in both its scope of information and grassroots ethos. By bringing together hundreds of mycologists, fungal enthusiasts, activists, and sustainability advocates, the RMC seeks to spread awareness around how fungi can strengthen the personal, social, and ecological systems of the world in a positive and proactive way.

Started in 2011 by a small group of friends, the RMC has grown over the last 5 years to become the main gathering for an international cadre of mushroom activists and advocates. Unlike most other mycology events that focus on safely identifying and cooking mushrooms, the RMC covers a wealth of largely inaccessible information around mycology.

The five days of presentations, hands-on workshops, and discussions cover low-cost mushroom cultivation, cleaning up pollution with fungi, medicinal mushrooms, mushroom art, fungal ecology, and teaching fungi to children. These powerful tools, normally hard to access, are all taught by the RMC organizers and international presenters.

Quote of the Month:

There are old mushroom hunters, and bold mushroom hunters,

But there are no old bold mushroom hunters!

- unknown


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