Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Audio recording of a talk on maple sugaring from 1.14.13 and reminder of Maple Sugaring Workshop THIS weekend, Feb 2.

Steve was honored to be asked to present at the historic Montour Falls Library in January of 2014, where he talked about his experience with maple sugaring on a variety of scales and covered the basics of tapping, harvesting, boiling, and storing maple syrup. Many thanks to Shelly Schlueter for the recording. 

Resources recommended in the talk:

The Maple Sugar Book by Helen & Scott Nearing
A classic text that provides a great read on the history, lore, and experience of these famous Maine and Vermont homesteaders. The Nearings sugared as the primary means of income generation to support their simple homestead lifestyle.

Backyard Sugarin’ By Rink Mann & Daniel Wolf
A great read for the basics of small scale sugaring operations. Great examples of homemade sugaring set ups, and many tips for the beginning.

The Sugarmakers Companion By Mike Ferrell
This book is the most up-to-date, comprehensive book on sugaring out there. Just released in 2013, the author (who is director of Cornell’s maple research program, details all the latest research and important steps in sugaring including marketing tips. An absolute must for commercial sugarmakers.

CLICK HERE for a recent North Country Public Radio interview with Mike

Also see this post: Backyard Sugaring the Permaculture Way written by Steve in 2013.

....and a reminder:

Sunday, February 2nd 

Mecklenburg NY

1pm - 4pm

If you've ever considered tapping a few trees in the backyard, collecting the sap, and making your own maple syrup, Wellspring Forest Farm invites you to a workshop on the basics of small-scale maple syrup production.

We will cover the basics of tapping, collection, boiling, and finishing of sap and syrup. In addition to sugar maples, black walnuts and birches can be tapped and this potential will also be discussed. 

The workshop will take place on farm and includes a tour of the small sugarbush of about 100 trees (hopefully we will be boiling!). The class will be led by Steve Gabriel, who has been sugaring for almost ten years on a range of scales from 5 to 500 trees. The cost for the class is $10 per person.


We have limited quantity of high quality metal bucket sets for sale. These are increasingly hard to find. For $15 you get a bucket, lid, spout, and tap along with basic instructions. If you get buckets and pick them up Feb 2, the class fee (below) will be waived. Buckets are available on an ongoing basis.

To register, fill out the form below. Questions? Email or call 607.342.2825.